Guides and How to's

How to join the Skippers community

We are building a real-world coliving community in Kenya, East Africa.

As we are doing that we are also building an online community including the opportunity buy memberships.

In this article

  • A summary of our benefits
  • When and how we are releasing our memberships
  • How to join our community

Summary of the benefits

Our memberships include free accommodation credits to stay at our communities as well as big discounts for equipment hire, food, drinks and future bookings.

When and how we are releasing our memberships

We will be releasing our 600 memberships in Q3 2022. They will be sold as ‘NFTs’ which are unique digital tokens.

  • These memberships will initially be sold to people who have been active and involved in co-creating our community from the start in a limited pre-sale of 200 memberships;
  • About a week after the pre-sale there will be a general sale of the remaining 400 memberships;

Buying them is relatively straightforwards and the steps to get started are listed below.

How to join our community

The first thing to do is get onto our Twitter and Discord.

Discord is a (free) online chat server and our channel is where all the conversation around the community and our plans is happening.

Twitter is where we make general announcements and post about what, where and how we are moving forwards.

If after reading about our project you think you would like to join then you need to onto our allow list (whitelist) so that you can buy memberships when we launch.

We have the allow list to reduce bots and spammers from getting involved.

How to join the allowlist

Step 1: Download the ‘Metamask’ chrome extension. This is a wallet where you will be able to store your membership. Note: Make sure that you write down your recovery key somewhere safe that you won’t lose it;

Step 2: Click on the ‘Connect wallet’ button on our homepage;

Step 3: Make sure you have followed us on Twitter and are in our Discord server;

Step 4 (Optional): If you would like to be on the pre-sale which will significantly increase your chance of getting a membership then get involved in giving feedback on our plans in Discord.

People who are active and help out will get onto the pre-sale list.